Meet BunnyToken Advisor Pornstar Paulina Soul

Paulina Soul is a famous actress in the porn industry with many years of experience and a number of movies under her name, we are happy she is one of BunnyToken’s advisors.

Paulina works on eclectic videos in the industry made for specific websites such as the DDF Network. She has worked on movies and clips exploring different sides of the business which gives us great insights on what industry actors need to make payments reliable, secure and easy.

The BunnyToken project has been ran by an amazing team working with a big number of great advisors and industry insiders who helped this project become what it is today, Paulina being a vital member.

“Having a large number of advisors gives us different perspectives from the industry. Just because an advisor is an actor doesn’t mean their experience is the exact same one as the next actor” Vasilisa Yakubo, Co-Founder and COO said, “the adult industry is complex because it is lacking a reliable payment system. At the moment payment methods can be chaotic and scattered in many different forms. Once BunnyToken is live this mess will be fixed”.

The BunnyToken pre initial token sale is ending on the 24th of April. So far more than 75 million tokens have been sold to more than 5000 investors from across the globe. The BunnyToken phenomenon has spread across the crypto world with the unique brand our outstanding marketing team created.

The final stage of the token sale will begin on the 25th of April and run until the 25th of May. Investors can buy their very own Bunny tokens on the official website.