No Bunny No Honey: How the Future of Adult Will be Shaped by BunnyToken and Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out on Investing Now

This may sound like a slightly biased topic considering BunnyToken is our product and what have you, but we will give you an objective set of reasons as to why we believe you will probably regret not buying your Bunny tokens from now.

The Adult Industry Has Embraced BunnyToken

We have been saying we are changing the industry from day 0 but now the industry has accepted this as a fact which is why industry websites and business are lining up to speak to our team and we are enjoying meeting so many interesting people and esteemed businesses and welcome them to the BunnyToken movement. With such interest it’s easy to see how Bunny will be the currency to fuel adult content consumption in the very near future.

We are Supported by the Most Prominent People in the Industry

Our advisors who support BunnyToken to the fullest are the industry’s biggest stars including Kira Queen, Jia Lissa, Eva Berger, Paulina Soul, Katrin Tequila and mega producer Alex Eikster.

The Future has BunnyToken Written All Over it

Once the BunnyToken platform is ready and released the next adult industry related purchase you will want to make will require Bunnies. Won’t you wish you had your Bunnies ready to proceed? And even if you had other payment options, wouldn’t you wish you could use the safest and most anonymous one? Keeping those Bunnies safe in your wallet, or in the soon-to-be released Bunny wallet from now will save you a whole lot of regret and hassle next year.

Early Investors Will Get More Value

Utility tokens are built to be utilized for a specific purpose, in this case for payments in the adult industry. While the value of the coin is not the essence of it, it still corresponds to its utility once the BunnyToken platform is in use. Early investors will have more buying power in comparison to the price they have bought their tokens at.

What are you waiting for? Buy your BunnyTokens now.