Spotlight: Kira Queen

Pornstar and BunnyToken Advisor

She’s a romantic dreamer and a shy girl. She describes herself as a “serious” person who acts like a ‘babushka’ (grandma). She loves food and would rather take a walk in the park than go to the gym.

While most people focus on her natural beauty and overall sexuality she is busy running a business — yes her business is based on her sexuality but it is a successful one which allows her to do everything she loves, like snowboarding in the Alps and sunbathing in Dubai.

Kira enjoys her vocation despite general opinions about actresses in the industry. She is an independent woman who makes a very good living doing what she loves the most which in her own words is “having sex”.

Becoming a sought after name in the industry comes with a good paycheck. Kira like many of her successful peers is living a much better life than many people in other professions. By strategically selling her business and taking matters into her own hands, Kira is not just an actress she is a businesswoman with a steady and rising income.

Her website QueenKira is a full-fledged and well marketed brand, where she invites her fans to get to know her, view her sensual and always classy photos and videos, and pay for extra access. Viewers from across the world are more than willing to pay for a longer video, a few more photos and even to chat with her or get her exclusive hot snaps on snapchat.

By well utilizing social media and her online presence Kira can now travel the world to do her work and enjoy the things she loves. We support Kira and all actresses who are venturing into this business and with BunnyToken they can have a reliable payment method to run their businesses and stay on top of their personal accounts as their career skyrockets.

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