The Adult Industry in Numbers

Figures Speak Louder than Words

Let’s cut down to the chase, pretty much everyone watches porn or has at least watched porn at some point in their life. You probably knew that, but did you know that millions of people buy adult related content and products, so much that it has made the industry one of the biggest in the world, at an estimated $103 billion?

What every new cryptocurrency needs is a market to thrive in, without an existing market there is no value for any token. BunnyToken will be part of an industry in which numbers speak much louder than words. Let’s take a look.

The industry is showing no signs of slowing down. In 2017 Forbes reported that its overall value was estimated at $97 billion by 2018 it has grown to over $100 billion. That’s bigger than Nike, Facebook and McDonald's, combined!

Banks and financial institutions refuse to relate themselves to businesses and individuals from the industry even when they are 100% legal. If the banks won’t take them, BunnyToken will.

BunnyToken is a payment solution based on the Ethereum blockchain and it will offer:

  • Merchant accounts to any legal business in the adult industry.
  • Accounts for individual workers in the industry.
  • Low fees on transactions.
  • Security of funds with no possibility of withholding money from any account holder.
  • Complete anonymity on all transactions.

Just imagine the numbers you just read replaced with BUNNY! This is why we are the future payment solution of the adult industry, and we are taking BUNNY to the moon. Join us!

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