The Art of Modern Dating: How Dating Apps Are Reshaping Society’s Approach to Love

Dating, going out with, being involved with, and a bunch of more synonyms refer to the state of getting to know someone with the potential of being romantically linked to them. In many ways it’s a probation-period before a long term commitment, and if it doesn’t work out for one of the two parties, then the dating period can end without any attachments or obligations.

This is a quiet hefty way of describing what could ultimately become ‘love’, but in today’s world everything is different. People are busy, motivated, career oriented and choose to be single for long periods of time. In the 1950s married couples outnumbered singles by 37.1 million, but a research in 2015 by the United States Census Bureau showed that number had shrunk to 12.1 million. So when it’s time to jump on the dating bandwagon, in this day and age the common solution is to use a dating app.

In 2017 Statista published a research which showed that 61% of 18–29 years olds use dating apps, while 44% of 30–59 year olds do. What does this mean? Dating apps are no longer a last resort for the desperate and lonely, they are a common way to search for our significant other. Swiping right may just be how we find ‘the one’.

One might say the art of charm has been replaced with the art of using dating apps and services. Anybody who has tried dating apps knows that it’s a completely different ball game from face to face interactions which require compatibility, chemistry and openness to spontaneity. During texting, there is no physical interaction, questions are well-crafted and answers are edited to perfection. Then a different set of questions arises than that which we used to have after meeting someone at a bar. With dating apps our main concerns are what kind of selfie should we share? When do we send a video? Which emojis do we use? And when do we finally decide to meet? This new age art of dating is leading to impressive results which are shaping new generations of marriages and families.

The myth that dating apps are mainly used for hookups still looms over the heads of dating app users, but it’s about time this myth vanishes once and forever. Dating apps have been leading to more and more serious relationships and marriages. It’s not at all uncommon for a ‘how we met’ story at a wedding to begin with a dating app. A survey by SimpleTexting found that 38.4% of male dating app users and 44.1% of female dating app users are looking for serious long term relationships, while the rest are looking for different things including new friends, casual relationships and socializing. 52% of dating app users said they have never had a one night stand from online dating.

The increase in dating app users is becoming clear and continues to be on the rise. Whichever way we look at it dating apps are not the future, they are already the present and shaping relationships across the globe.

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