The Investor’s Guide to the BunnyToken Sale Starting on March 13th 14:00 GMT

Everything you need to know about the biggest token sale of 2018


13th March to 24th April pre-initial token sale.

25th April to 25th May initial token sale.


Purchases can be made only through the BunnyToken website


Sign in to personal account and buy tokens.

How much?

On the first day of pre-ITS one bunny will cost 0.000100 ETH.

The price will rise 1% every day that the sale is open.

There will be a total supply of 1,000,000,000 BUNNY tokens. 70% will go into the public token sale. A private presale in January sold out 50,000,000 tokens and soft cap has been reached.

After initial token sale all unsold tokens will be burned. This will instantly increase the value of each BUNNY because the total amount of supply will decrease.

Bounty Program

Investors will also benefit from our bounty program which includes a referral program and airdrop. The referral program will give free tokens, valued at 10% of the investment made by each referral.

The airdrop will take place in Q3 of 2018 depending on how many tokens the referral program consumes. Only investors who have stored their BUNNY tokens in a wallet will be eligible for the airdrop.


BunnyToken has already partnered with several industry businesses including Goldnude, Cute Sunny, Be Hairy and Shy Angela and we are in talks with many more. Every new announcement is expected to raise the value of BUNNY.

Do you have anymore questions? Speak with our professional customer support team.

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