Why are people investing early in BunnyToken?

Explore the solutions BunnyToken will offer the adult industry

If you are considering investing in a cryptocurrency, you are probably taking your time to decide which currency to invest in and when. Why should you choose to invest in BunnyToken especially so early? We will break down the reasons we believe BunnyToken is an investment worth making.

The blockchain system has opened the doors for many businesses to shift from traditional to digital crowdfunding through cryptocurrencies. By investing in a cryptocurrency, buyers fund the project, in return they get their own tokens which will allow them to use the product when its launched.

BunnyToken is using the opportunities of the blockchain system to fix a major problem in one of the world’s biggest industries which could only be fixed through a cryptocurrency. Our token, Bunny, is designed to be used for the purchase of adult content and products online through the BunnyToken payment platform and wallet. The payment system we plan to develop will make the best use of the security and anonymity blockchain based transactions can offer any industry.

The adult industry is huge

The industry we are approaching is already thriving despite its less than perfect reputation. The adult industry, or let’s state it more casually; porn, is a multi billion dollar industry with many sectors all of which can easily compete with any businesses in the world. This simply means that already existing financial transactions are high and once they are replaced with our solution, Bunny token will soar.

Increase in token price is guaranteed

The value of Bunny will start at 0.000100 ETH on the first day of pre Initial Token Sale. This price will keep rising 1% per day until the end of Initial Token Sale reaching 0.000207 ETH. After the end of sale it will be listed in crypto exchanges and its price will move based on demand. The real value of owning Bunny, however, lies in the many ways you will be able to use it in the near future.

The future currency for the adult industry

Big companies including BeHairy, Cute Sunny and Goldnude have already partnered with us and are ready to add us as a payment solution as soon as the platform is released, More partners will continue being added and BunnyToken will become the preferred payment method for most online purchases related to the adult industry, why? Because we will give them an easily integrated platform, with lower fees, guaranteed anonymity and most importantly security which cannot be found in traditional payment accounts or fiat currencies.

Primarily, no bank or financial institution will be able to block any legal business or adult performer from their money because of the nature of their business. At the moment this risk looms over everyone in the adult industry every day.

The early bird gets the worm

What will happen when porn sites, sex shops and all other adult related products shift to BunnyToken? The consumers will have to own the tokens in order to make those purchases. Consumers using BunnyToken will highly benefit from lower fees which means lower costs, and complete anonymity which cannot be traced back to the buyer by anyone at anytime. Everything is encrypted and wallets are anonymous.

So this leads back to the question; why invest early in BunnyToken? The reward will manifest itself when the BunnyToken platform is launched and investors who bought the coin for nickels, will have a much higher valued token which can allow the purchases of adult content through the new mainstream payment method.

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