Erykah Badu Gives Best Interview of The Year- All Blogs Talk About Is Jay Electronica?

By far one of the best Breakfast Club interview in its history next to Kanye West, Dr. Umar Johnson, and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, is the Queen, fatbellybella to the twitterverse, Serra Bellum, Maria Mexico, Lo Down Loretta Brown, to her fans, but best known to us as Erykah Badu. This interview was charged from the jump! Bars were dropped, black genius showed her ass off this morning and all the blogs can talk about is where is the next Jay Electronica album is at. Womp, you little dudes is lame as fuck.

Before I go too ham and cheese, I will say, Peace to the god Jay Electronica for the display in chivalry and nobility and for sending the message early that, there wasn’t gonna be no games today. I don’t think Charlamagne would have stepped out of pocket and got disrespectful, but I will say, in the interviews that I have seen with women on the breakfast club, who were or were not engaged in a relationship, you NEVER, see their men representing for them in this capacity. From Ciara, to Amber Rose, to Jennifer Hudson, I didn’t see any of their men/husbands standing with them off to the side as an anchor.

That was remarkable, and I can see why its getting attention. But in the grand scheme of things, I think the Queen held her own, and was quite fine. In fact, she was quite refreshing to see someone, just impart so much, with such little effort. This interview covered so much in so little time:


Around the 8:08 mark, I loved how she talked about her son when everyone in the room assumed that he was going to be part of the industry because of who his parent’s are and the few musical projects he’s worked on. She immediately changed our impressions by proudly pointing out that her son is a nerd who is fascinated with computers and music is a talent of his by default. “He’s an improvement on the design, he’s next level.”


I’m a firm believer that our relationships not just to other human beings, but our relationship we have with the planet, and with the universe is what makes us who we are. At the 10:11 mark, Erykah talks about her relationships with her children’s fathers with a very high level respect and love after Charlamagne asks if being a God Emcee is a criteria for “breeding” with Badu. She owns the moment again, by answering that “You just got to have a hot 16.”


Who knew Tyrone was free styled? I didn’t. She explains how that song came about as a joke and how a lot of her music is about being in the moment, and only having one chance at getting something right. For example, she talked about the critically acclaimed, and arguably one of the best music videos ever made, Window Seat, to which she describes it as a piece to combat the idea of group think. She continues, “In my mind with each layer of clothing I was taking off, I was also shedding a layer of fear.” She describes her concerts as expressions of performance art and theater, rather than just singing to and for the crowd. But of course, they couldn’t go two seconds in that water, and had to bring her back to the surface and talk about her ass, and whether or not she knew she had all of it or not… Huh? She handled that with poise also.


Erykah keeps it G while mentioning that she feels that men have a hard time separating, “Oh she’s the homie, from, she’s some pussy.” Which is true, I personally don’t think the relationship between men and women is ever platonic and friend-only. However, this part was both hilarious and revealing, as Charlamagne made Envy confess his “Earthy People” stereotypes, after Badu mentions that men don’t normally flirt with her, they more so try to give her incense and pamphlets to rallies! LOL! His list of “Earthy People” stereotypes were:

  1. “Earthy Women” don’t shave their arm pits.
  2. Chew sticks and Backpacks
  3. They use crystal rock deodorant.
  4. Only missionary position for sex.
  5. Veganism

I thought it was interesting to hear her explain the concept of rock crystal deodorant neutralizing the skin and sending signals to the midbrain to neurologically stop the body from produces that musty armpit smell. I was with Charlamagne on that one. I wasn’t buying it. But the clap back was intense when she told dude after he said he couldn’t believe missionary was turning dudes out, “Truth needs no belief.” To the gods response, “Mmmm, true.” BANG!!!! (in my Mike Breen voice)

I think this interview showcased to young girls, young women, and women in general whether by intention or just the timing being right that, a woman, let alone a black woman, can be all encompassing in her intelligence, her poise, her sexuality, and just the feminine energy she carries. It’s not always a thirst trap, or front to sell whatever product or service you offer. The act of simply offering yourself is magnetic in and of itself. That’s being “…true to the artform” as Badu puts it. So, to see blogs jumping on it to talk about Jay Electronica’s eventual album is shallow, and disrespectful. I know dude is a draw, because we’re all excited about the album, but if a wise man once said, you can tell the type of man, by the type of woman he chooses to mother his children. If you see something special in dude, there’s no way you don’t see something special in the goddess.

Shout out to the Breakfast Club as they continue to select very good interviewees for their shows. This one was by far, one of the best, and that’s because you forget that she’s there to promote her new project You Caint Use My Phone, which drops November 27th.

Watch the full episode here:

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