With Britain elections concluded in Hung parliament and labour spectacular win over public, What future holds for UK and the factors to evaluate it

Days after last week’s Thursday UK General Elections and surprising result from Labour party and its leader, 68 years old socialist, Jeremy Corbyn proved unapologetically and without disconcertment that the left wing is ideal and much possible politics required by this diversely enriched nation. Me, living as a youth in these dark, depressive time with the revival of far-right wing and where Co-existence and tolerance for diversity of cultures, races and faiths is plummeting, Corbyn set an example of duelling this politics of fear and hatred with politics of hope and serene. Millions of people turned out to vote for a leader who struggled to retrieve the core mission of Labour to be voice of working class, preached optimism and offered vision and enthusiasm

May call for Snap election backfired at her
The Conservatives failed to win the majority in parliament as Theresa May lost seats in England and Wales to Labour and Liberal Democrats despite their vote share rise. The Tories managed to gain 318 seats but lost 13 seats and achieved only 42.4% UK vote share which went to only +5.5% rise in vote share change since 2015 while Labour outshined with +9.5% vote share and grasping 30 more seats in Parliament. With this, May decided to form a minority government with DUP with further talks continue this week. Arlene Foster contradicted the Downing Street statement last Saturday and said “Discussions will continue next week (this week)to work on the details and to reach agreements for the new Parliament”. But if the deal is not finalised May have to resign and this provide an opportunity for labour to form a government.

Corbyn led Left from Vulnerability to Power
Labour with 40% share of the national vote has its highest since 1970 with the exception of Blair’ two landslide victories in 1997 and 2001. This election also saw the largest increase in vote share for Labour, nearly 10%, since the party’s post-war bash in 1945 under great leader Attlee.
This accomplishment despite Corbyn began his campaign with more than 20% points behind the Conservatives, denigrated by Politicians and Pundits, undermined by the members of his own party and above all of this is unprecedented disparaged by right wing media and press. Not to forget how he’s termed as Terrorist Sympathizer and called upon as erratic and cranky.
But in last week result, Corbyn arguably proved that he was indeed a sincere and feasible candidate for 10 Downing Street and why not when under his leadership Labour won seats of Canterbury which was held by Conservatives for past 99 years or Kensington and Chelsea -UK’s richest constituency.
Perhaps, Corbyn had a very clear and accurate plan from the beginning when he asserted that “The politics of hope are not an inevitable reaction when politics fails,” said in a speech delivered at the LSE in May 2016. He further added that “The politics of hope have to be rebuilt.” He explained ‘Rebuilding’ require three things. First, “a vision to inspire people that politics has the power to make a positive difference to their lives.” Second, “trust that people believe both that we can and that we will change things for the better.” Third, “the involvement and engagement of people to make the first two possible.” Fortunately Corbyn conquered all three fronts.

Factors and Zealous Manifesto for UK future
Corbyn being liberal, energetic and progressive who wanted to create a diverse, non-racist society that may pride itself of having multiculturalism within UK managed to mobilize vast numbers of people to get organized, attend rallies, knock on doors and attracted the youth towards him. In the last two general elections back in 2010 and 2015, only 40% of youth voted but enthusiasm transmitted by Corbyn increase youth vote share to 72%. Not only this,
He overturned the old political and economic traditionalism, refused to embrace austerity, demonize immigrants, or indulge in foreign wars. These are few factors giving him an iconic image of a true leader but what he has promised in his manifesto expanded the political pragmatism and provided hope to people that “Change is possible” as Corbyn himself declared “This is a manifesto for all generations providing hope and opportunity”. From Tax to the NHS, Labour made massive pledges and strategies are in progress. With no hospital cuts, extra monetary help to NHS, hike in Tax for 5% richest class, scrapping tuition fees, more rights for Workers, new house-building schemes, rolling back massive cuts in welfare, communities protection, arms sales to Saudis will be suspended, increase in 10000 police officers, Migrants control and finally Brexit policies.

Even Grenfell tower fire tragedy is enough in its proof as who cares about the future of this country and so while May slipped away from the front so not to be verbally challenged by residents, Jeremy talked and listened to the grievances of the victims.
So, what were once thought as progressive fantasies are becoming potential realities which can also seen in US with Bernie Sanders, self-proclaimed progressive like Corbyn combated the oligarchic nature of politics while betrayed by his own party last year but he ignited the true passion of liberalism and progressiveness thereby awoken Left from its deep slumber….

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