Burency - The Perfect Exchange For The Future

As an investor, if one of your challenges is finding good businesses with a bright future, look no further. You have one less problem to worry about now.

Burency represents a perfect exchange for the future and the right choice of investment for ICO investors because it is designed to tackle some of the key challenges that plague the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry and prevents its widespread adoption. The platform is an advocate for the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency, particularly in the middle east with a further aim of making the trading of cryptocurrency simple, accessible and transparent for new and experienced traders alike.

Burency prides itself as the exchange for the future because it offers three streams of businesses that are tied together to form a cohesive ecosystem that is governed by its cryptocurrency, the BUY token. This is one of the many reasons why you should invest in this project as you’re bound to get rewarded in the long run.

The Burency Exchange

The first is its fully regulated exchange platform that will offer fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat and crypto to crypto transactions, as well as tackle the common challenges faced by cryptocurrency exchanges including security and liquidity concerns. The platform will adhere to AML and KYC policies that will allow offering an easy conversion of fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat conversion as well as many other impressive exchange features.

The Blockchain Development Centre

The second business is its research and development hub in Dubai, UAE, that helps startups and enterprises to take complete advantage of blockchain technology to solve immediate challenges and also future proof their business. The development centre is particularly focused on creating smart contracts that will enable businesses to easily trade with entities across geographical boundaries.

The Mining Farm

The third business is the offering of a streamlined platform for the generation of cryptocurrency through purchased time slots within its mining facilities. Users can purchase computational or processing power with the BUY token and larger or enterprise customers can have an entire mining farm built for them based on their requirement at a reasonable fee. Burency has the aim of evolving the mining farm into the world’s main blockchain data centre within the next decade.

Burency has put these three businesses together to offer investors an ecosystem that can help drive the value of the BUY token, seeing as it is at the centre of every transaction carried out in the ecosystem.

The Public Sale

The Burency public sale is already live and investors are welcomed to participate through the ICO link. So far, around $2.8 million has been raised out of the targeted $7 million. 100 million tokens will be offered for sale during the ICO and one BUY token is valued at $0.07 with the minimum purchase amount being $500. The picture below is a graphical presentation of the ICO.



Three unique projects in one � 1. Exchange 2. Mining 3. Blockchain Developing Center! DM for more details � https://www.burency.com/

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Three unique projects in one � 1. Exchange 2. Mining 3. Blockchain Developing Center! DM for more details � https://www.burency.com/