We’re excited to announce the launch of our Global Ambassador Program “LET’S SKE”.

UP to 10,000 USDT s to be rewarded.

You are wanted!


· Community Moderators

· Content Builders

· Bounty Hunters

Your Rewards

· Monthly USDT Rewards for Community Moderators

· Task-based USDT Rewards for Content Builders and Bounty Hunters

· First-hand information of Skeleton Empire and its business partners

· Scarce whitelisting to reputable public token SKE sales

· Precious token airdrops of Skeleton Empire and its business partners

· SKE tokens

· Skeleton Empire Tailored Influence Medal

Our Contacts:

Telegram: @skeletonempirexyz


ABOUT Skeleton Empire

Skeleton Empire-Gold standard of Creator Economy in the Web3 Era.

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