Week 5.. Day 4…. Today was the most crucial day that absolutely had to have been placed in front of me. I tried to work on a web application by myself without any help.. I couldn’t do it. I struggled and got back up and struggled even harder.. For nothing. But I learned something great. Every rockstar developer out there has resources to turn to to, people to ask, tools to use to solve problems and debug as fast as possible.. I approached this “intermediate level” web app with a one man army. You can’t do that Michael Burney, your not superman nor are you batman, your an aspiring we developer; you’re a student learning. I have found that out the hard way, but it was a fantastic lesson to learn. After I realized I needed help from start to finish, I dropped the ego and found a mentor to hold my hand through the process. It’s not macho to pretend to be superman, it’s not cool to sit there in silence and stare at your screen, it’s not cool to pretend you have all the answers when you don’t. It’s been a great night, after class I had a fantastic talk with Colby (friend of a friend, I met that works at IBM) haha that rhymed! And now I’m home, ready to approach some mini projects with a clear thought… everyone’s his reading this, remember to stay true to yourself. And like always.. Stay tuned!

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