The Aims and Approach of the Inspiress Program

Basing its educational approach around the STEAM curriculum, which focused on engineering, maths, technology, science and the arts, Burnham Wood Charter School District oversees the activities of two elementary schools and the Da Vinci School for Science and the Arts. For over five years, students from Burnham Wood Charter School District’s Da Vinci School for Science and the Arts have been involved in the Inspiress program, which is a student outreach program that is based at the University of Alabama.

The main objective of Inspiress is to create more and better engineers by encouraging young students to pursue the subject. Its events introduce students to the entire spectrum of industry disciplines and offer them the opportunity to work on interesting, real-world problems that challenge them to expand their thinking and develop the communicative and collaborative skills required to succeed in engineering.

In doing so, it not only lays the groundwork for future engineers but also demonstrates the variety the sector has to offer. Additionally, Inspiress also helps students understand some of the practical applications of their math and science studies.

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