Picture from Banbridge Summer Camp 2017

Believe in our children!

Nowadays in society we hear about so many children who feel unhappy or nervous about going to school which is sad as every child should feel happy in an environment they spend most of their time in. We have to be building our children up on a daily basis! We have to make them feel 10 feet tall! From our experience in working with children we have noticed how much a child gets from encouragement. Wether that is telling them how good a footballer they are or simply how cool they look. Children can be very straightforward and when a child is subjected to negativity they’ll feel bad and when they are praised they’ll feel good. We are not blind to the fact children will do things they are not suppose to, but explaining why they shouldn’t do it is better than raising your voice as the child will learn from that experience.

Picture from Banbridge Summer Camp 2017

Children are so talented and pick up certain skills without us adults realising. We feel, because children are so talented that they need opportunity. They need that platform to show themselves and the world how talented they truly are. When coaches Aaron & Andrew were young their parents drove them all over the country to play soccer as they realised Aaron & Andrew had a talent. With that backing from a young age Aaron & Andrew signed their first professional soccer contract with Leicester City Football Club at the age of 16 which was a massive achievement but one that would never have been possibly without the opportunity given to them from their parents. Your child’s talent may be a different sport or a different talent all together, but without that opportunity we are holding our children back.

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”. Bobby Unser

One thing at Burns Soccer School which is very evident if you are ever in attendance during our sessions is that we believe in all the children and it’s so important you believe in them too. Build them up, give them opportunity whenever possible but most importantly BELIEVE in your child. As the old saying goes, “you can be whatever you want to be” and they can, but only if we believe in and support our children!!

Picture from Banbridge Summer Camp 2017

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