Making College More Affordable

The following piece in support of Senator Burr was written by Charlotte resident and UNC-Chapel Hill senior Danielle Adler. Learn more about Danielle:

Danielle is a junior from Charlotte pursuing a double major in Peace, War, and Defense and Political Science at UNC-Chapel Hill. She is involved in various organizations on campus including Heels for Israel, Pi Beta Phi, College Republicans, and Paws4People. She is also a contributing staff writer for the “Carolina Review,” UNC’s only conservative student publication. This past summer, Danielle interned for Senator Tillis in Washington DC and wants to continue serving the Tar Heel state.

Making College More Affordable

In today’s political culture, it’s not unusual to see rancorous speeches overshadow legitimate results by some of our elected leaders. It’s been a little different here in North Carolina as Senator Richard Burr has amassed an impressive legislative record that has generated real benefits for everyone in North Carolina. Senator Burr’s ability to work across the aisle hasn’t been lost on students like myself who are grappling with the challenges of an uncertain job market and daunting student loan debt. Senator Burr authored the Bipartisan Student Loan Certainty Act, which reduced student loan rates, and as a result, North Carolina students will save over $1 billion this year on their student loan costs. The savings will help students start their careers with less financial burden and a clear conscience to pursue jobs based on their merits and not solely from a financial perspective.

Senator Burr has also helped students and families save more for college by working on bipartisan legislation to enhance 529 savings accounts. North Carolina students and families need more options to help boost their college savings accounts so that they can avoid relying on debt. Parents throughout our state dream of sending their kids to college, and Senator Burr is working to make it easier for working families to do so.

More than anything, Senator Burr understands the challenges facing young professionals, and he has made it his mission to ease the transition from school to the workforce for North Carolina students. Finding a good-paying job is never easy, but Senator Burr is doing his part to help students like me achieve our goals. That’s why the opportunity to vote and organize on behalf of Richard Burr is one I take with great pleasure and encourage you do to the same.

Danielle Adler — Charlotte, NC

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