Henny Busby: My Drunk Experience At Kanye West’s Saint Pablo Show In Oakland

(Busby Note: This particular article was suppose to be posted on a certain website but it never got posted and a lot of time went by. So after certain events that has happened in the past week. I think this platform is a good spot to post my previous experience at the Saint Pablo show before Ye lost his damn mind. So enjoy..because a part 2 is coming..)

Before you die, you have to experience a Kanye West concert at least once in your lifetime. Fortunately for me, I have witnessed Kanye perform 3 times in the past few years. The first time was alongside his (former?) friend Jay Z for the Watch The Throne tour in 2012. The second time was the theatrical biblical experience of the Yeezus tour in 2013. And in 2016, I had the pleasure of experiencing the rather unique show known as the Saint Pablo Tour. If you don’t know by now, the show is very innovative for the fact that Kanye is literally suspended on a platform floating around the arena while there is a massive moshpit of fans beneath him raging their hearts out for their deity.

Another reason why this show was rather unique for me was because for the first time, I went to a concert under the influence of alcohol. In other words, I was drunk off my ass. When I saw Kanye the first few times I was 100% sober. Granted, I still enjoyed myself because the energy from Kanye had you feeling like you were on hundred thousand trillion. But this time around, I decided to do something new and heighten my experience. Now I’m not really a drinker like that, and I only ever drink when it’s a special occasion. But I’m going to tell you something right now, by the end of the night I felt like I was a God.

My experience started a few hours before the show when I was on the BART train heading towards Oracle Arena in Oakland. The train was full of Yeezy Stans of all ages, races, and genders. Wearing their tight jeans, bootleg Pablo torn shirts, and other hipster clothes they most likely bought at Hot Topic. I befriended a small group of white kids sitting in front of me and we started a conversation about how amazing Kanye is. They were sipping on something in a water bottle and I asked them what was in it. “It’s some patron mixed with some orange juice you wanna swig of it bro?” Now who am I to turn down some free alcohol?

So after I had about 3 or 4 shots I was already feeling pretty buzzed. When the train was pulling up to the venue I honored Stone Cold Steve Austin and yelled, “If you ready to see Kanye West gimmie a hell yeah!” and of course the fans repeated it like the marks they are.

When I got to the arena, I met up with my friend who was waiting for me in the parking lot. Several hours before she asked me what did I want to drink and I told her that I simply wanted some Hennessy with coke as a chaser. Now I didn’t expect her to go all out for me, but giving the fact that she invited me to the show, and gave me a free ticket, she thought it would be generous to treat me right. When I met up with her, not only did she get me a big bottle of cognac, but she also had a 2-liter of coke along with some beers. After several drinks, we befriended a group of fans right by us that was sipping on some Hennessy as well. But this Hennessy had the “Pure White” label on it. This brand was only available in Colombia and was NOT sold in the states. So I was literally slipping on the alcohol that Pablo Escobar most likely drank. So at this point I knew that regular Busby wasn’t going to be around on this night. On this particular night, Henny Busby was going to be alive and in full effect.

My friend Jessica and I (drunk at this point)

My friend and I cut our mini tailgate short and made our way to the arena where fans were already heading to their seats. We were pretty drunk at that point and I started making obnoxious snaps yelling into the camera, “IT’S ABOUT TO BE ONE OF THEM NIGHTS!” The lines for the official Pablo merchandise nearly stretched around the arena, which was literally amazing to me. Hopefully those fans are registered voters*…but I digress.

When we finally got to our seats the arena was already getting packed and the massive sea of fans on the floor was nearly at capacity. At this point I was full Henny Busby and I was telling the world that I was “drunk as fuck!” After eating some fries and chicken tenders in the hopes I don’t throw it all up, the arena went dark and the crowd roared.

The extended sample of Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 began to play as a huge platform with lights surrounding it began to make it’s way over the sea of fans. As soon as Future proclaimed what would happen if Young Metro didn’t trust you, the arena exploded. Kanye West made his triumphant entrance on the floating platform over the ocean of Stans below him almost praise dancing as they sang the lyrics of bleaching a model’s asshole like it came straight from the bible.

For one hour and 15 minutes, Kanye West relentlessly went through his booming records from The Life Of Pablo, as well as selected tracks from his other classic albums. One of the main highlights for me was when Kanye performed “Blood On The Leaves” and for one split moment I felt like Ye and I connected. Before the beat dropped, we screamed “SO LET’S GET ON WITH IT!” at the top of our lungs and for one split second, I felt like me and Kanye were one. Or maybe it was just the alcohol. And speaking of alcohol, when “Runaway” came on I took the beer I had and swung it in the air while toasting all the doucebags and assholes in the venue while spilling some on my friend and some of the folks around me. They were cool about it.

After that, Ye decided to take a intermission and decided to go on one of his many stream of consciousness rants where he proclaimed that if the Grammys didn’t nominate Frank Ocean for an award he was boycotting the event. Now of course this is the same Kanye who said on twitter that the Grammys would lose a whole lot of credibility if his album didn’t win Album Of The Year. He also dropped some gems when he stated that, “You can be successful and still fuck up.” Just to remind everybody that even though he is one of the biggest artists in the world, he is still human. However, the rant went on for a little too long and I became a tad bit restless and shouted that Ye needed to wrap it up. He must have heard me because 2 minutes later he got up from the platform and the beat dropped for Waves.

To close out the night, Yeezus took us to church and led Oakland to an “Ultralight Beam.” The show became a church service as the entire arena started singing with the choir like the Holy Spirit came through the building. I had my arms stretched in the air welcoming the grace of God blessing me for having me witness the greatness of Kanye West alongside my friend. Not long after that, the platform landed on another side of the arena where Kanye exited stage left and just like that, he was gone like a thief in the night.

As I exited the building the alcohol was starting to wear off and I was slowly becoming the regular me again. On the ride home I was reflecting on the show and realized that with alcohol or without alcohol. Kanye West manages to bring the best out of you. The Saint Pablo Show was an experience to say the least. If you under the influence or not, you will leave the show feeling high about life. Because I know I sure was.

If he ever comes to San Jose I’m more then likely gonna go again.

To Be Continued…

*Giving that Hilary won California, I’m sure they were.

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