In Pursuit of Passion

The best advice given is to pursue a career where your passion lies but this goal remains daunting at times when the price tag of life is due monthly.

I entered the world of Accounting by mistake. My first semester of college was geared towards a pre-med degree. I dreamed of becoming an Obstetrician after watching my sister bring forth life. In that moment, I was re-introduced to compassion that a hard-edged world had stripped me of. My goals were in the right place but my behavior was not. Snowballed into a large mass of excuses, I lost my scholarships and had to re-evaluate my direction. As financially deprived as my family was, my scholarships were my only option for a higher education. I walked into a Marine Corps Recruiting Station and enlisted to serve. Regardless of opinion on war, politics, products of the instituition, I was able to fund my education through one enlistment of servitude.

As my career path evolved, so did my passions. Financial Fraud pulls at the heartstrings and the mere naiveness of the general public to shady practices on the daily drives me forward. I have the education and I’ve worked entry-level and middle-level positions in the Financial field but my career is not combatting fraud just yet. Do I give up? Absolutely not. As I’m searching for the right fit to represent the little guy (think The Big Short), I will write. Writing has always been categorized in my mind as a hobby, a form of release used to express myself but never really shared with “the world.” I believe in the power of information and as the internet generation takes advantage of how easily accessible information is; we become more and more powerful. I want to give back and share what I know in an understandable manner.

My writing will be geared towards breaking down the stigma of complexity regarding financial workings in this country. My dedication to the subject over the past 7 years of night school/career has taken blinders off towards the way I see & think. Let me give some of that back :)


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