This Is Why I Tag ( #, @)

A hashtag # (que the infamous eye roll) or its previous identity of the ‘pound sign’ has transformed into a hub for harnessing the power of social media. Why is this important?

As our times dramatically change from generation to generation, one pillar of marketing remains constant. ‘Word of Mouth’ is still the MOST effective form of advertising. When a business markets their own products/services, consumers meet the advertisement with skepticism. However, if your friend/family member recommends a product/service/business, one is more likely to place value upon the recommendation.

Our means of word of “mouth” advertising may have evolved but it continues to hold the most weight in the business world.

*The Evolution of Communication* — telegraphs, telephones, radios, television, cell-phones and the beloved INTERNET. (Oh yes, wait a minute Mr. Postman! ~ Is there a letter in your bag for me?) The days of waiting are OVER! Time is not a factor when reaching your circle. Any one you trust enough to link with on social media can receive your status updates simultaneously.

So now that we have this powerful avenue of communication, how can we utilize it better? I love reading about your lunch but we are better than this people….

**SMALL BUSINESSES** The driving force behind my hashtags, or taking a minute out of my day to ‘Like’ the page and provide a review of whomever I’m trying to advertise for. By embracing the #, not only am I reaching my comfort zone of connections, I am publicly declaring my thoughts on Company X. This assists a company in reaching demographics of people they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to reach.

My consumer responsibility to spread the word is heightened after learning people are TWICE as likely to review if their experience was negative. This results in skewed opinions and could possibly deter customers from a business based on one person’s bad day.

Whether you grew up on technology or learned the basics as a middle-aged adult, harnessing the power of social media is not difficult. Your normal internet favorites will still be there after taking just a moment to help stimulate YOUR local economy.

Purchasing through a Local Business -> Local Business purchases their supplies Locally -> Local economy strengthens.

If you are still rolling those eyes over the thought of embracing hashtags as the millenials’ do, then please, when you receive that inevitable headache — buy from a #LOCAL pharmacy :)

~ Post Script ~

For my fans of numbers, the Small Business Administration (SBA) reported small businesses comprise 63.2 million in the United States which is 3/4 of ALL businesses. Unfortunately, only 1/2 of small businesses make it past 5 years.

Many issues feel out of our control and the “agreed-upon solution” is to wine about it…. this is something we all can HELP with!

Happy Wednesday loves! ~ Dana