Barrel-bombed cities in a war-torn country are funny ideas of ‘refuges’ don’t you think.

“Barrel-bombed cities in a war-torn country are funny ideas of ‘refuges’ don’t you think?”

Turkey….. 800,000 from Turkey in 2015.

Where are the barrel bombs in Turkey?

Have you been there? I have, a handful times, christ my folks used to own a house there. No barrel bombs….. it was very nice!

What the 800k nearly entirely male swarm were fleeing I’m unsure? Perhaps your Turkish experience will know?

And, no…. a migrant is a refugee when he claims asylum & the status is granted by the host.

Problem is, most don’t ever apply for asylum.

Take Italy, up to the end of September they had 27,000 asylum applications for 2016…. however 7 days ago they scooped up 6,000 migrants on Monday & 4,600 on Tuesday.

So, obviously the vast majority are just scattering elsewhere when they arrive in Europe. Oh, and none of those 10,000 were Syrian!

Refugee? lol…. everyone knows that that is a farce.

Though, I do wish the USA would kick in its share.

They all but destroyed north africa & the middle east, only fair that several million be sent your way.

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