The Defense Industry Is Filling Pentagon Leadership Roles
War Is Boring

Having never heard of these people I had a wiki-gander…..

So, taking the incoming Air-Force Secretary, Heather Wilson…

  • Wilson joined the Air Force Academy graduating with distinction.
  • She was awarded a Rhodes scholarship and studied at Oxford University earning both a masters & doctorate in international relations.
  • She had an award winning book published shortly after graduation.
  • She continued to work for the Air Force in the UK and at NATO hq in Brussels working on arms control treaty negotiations.
  • After leaving the Air Force she was a policy director working at the NSC
  • She then founded a business development firm working with the newly opened Russia.
  • She served in the House of Representatives for a decade.

This is frankly a stellar CV both in terms of academia & public service….

It seems these are the type of people you would want in a senior administrative role like the air force secretary.

I wouldn’t go hard on someone wanting to make some hay in the private sector. I imagine Mrs Wilson would have been far wealthier if she had not remained in public service given her qualifications.

Having said all this, no matter who Trump nominates WiB will take issue with it.