Do you think the anti-Assad rebels could be “crushed” with the kurds still being in the game?
Benito Llan

I’m not sure tbh…..

The Kurdish factions were certainly allies of the FSA, however the FSA is almost ceased as a fighting force.

Earlier in the year Kurdish forces did attack and take territory from anti-Assad rebels in the north west corner of the country.

This cut off Aleppo from supply lines to the north.

IMO it may come down to survival of the fittest.

In order of strongest to weakest there is:

  • The Assad dictatorship
  • The various Kurdish forces
  • ISIS
  • the rest, FSA remnants & various islamist groups

I think the weakest of these will eventually be crushed….. I’m doubtful that the Kurds will assist them, especially as they seem to be increasingly extreme.

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