The U.S. Military’s Role in Asia in the Age of Trump
War Is Boring

“ it might be wise to start looking again for alternatives to our militaristic policies in Asia, for more equitable ties with Japan and South Korea and for a shift away from confrontation with North Korea and China.”

This author seems quite confused here…..

He expends hundreds of words couched in a sneering manner towards Trump, yet when we reach the bottom we find that the author actually echoes Trumps sentiments!

Trump is the one seeking “more equitable ties” (as he puts it)…. ie: Japan & SK being more capable and confident in their own defence without relying on the US umbilical chord.

Trump is the one who said he was open to talks with North Korea thus at least attempting to deescalate conflict.

A long essay where the authors bias becomes confused but continues to lack the self-awareness that it is the incoming president that shares his US policy desires….

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