Britain’s Last Cold War Carrier Sails Into the Sunset
War Is Boring

Just to note, HMS Ocean is also being decommissioned in 2018 as well….. this was announced last year….

The Royal Navy is also getting rid of its only repair vessel, with no replacement….. “RFA Diligence”.

Every time you look at the Royal Navy it seems to be getting smaller…….

Understandable in a way, the MOD run the DOD close for bloat and waste.

But fundamentally the UK doesn’t spend enough on defence.

Ignore those times you hear mention of them spending 2% of GDP…. that is false.

UK defence spending is actually 1.5% of GDP….. the government falsely bolstering it by dumping a tonne of foreign aid money into the defence budget heading….plus they moved some pension money into core defence spending also, which should not count.

A handy clear breakdown is found here:

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