Trump’s Foreign Policy Puts America Third
War Is Boring

This essay is frankly all over the place….

But being European this slice sticks out:

As for NATO and the Europeans, Trump has indicated little sympathy for their worries about Moscow and


Trump, Mattis & Tillerson have all affirmed the US’s commitment to the NATO alliance.

They have identified Russia as a potential threat while hoping for greater partnership to achieve common goals (who on earth would disagree with this aspiration?!?)

Trump has gone so far as declare that Crimea be returned to Ukraine.

has shown little inclination to increase America’s contributions to their defense

One of many non-sequiturs in this essay. The US contribution to European defence is already large & is growing in the mere 25 days Trump has been in power.

Where the author’s statement makes no sense is that Europe hasn’t actually sought further contributions to their defence and neither Trump nor his cabinet colleagues have ruled out same….. so the sentence is pointless & redundant.

Besides that pointlessness, Europe’s wealth is so vast it could pay for its defence twice over without US assistance if it had the will to do so….. alas it doesn’t have that political will.