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Led Lighting Industry,This is also an unique opportunity to established consumer electrical / electronics firms to transform their brand as most recognized households brand which is yet dominated by FMCG brands becoz of their high market parlance & domestic penetration capabilities & characteristics.

Approx 100 Cr Incandescent bulbs in domestic market will be replaced within few years,2 billion electric sockets will lighten by LED, approx 2 million electrical shops & 10 million FMCG shops have opportunity to serve market.

led Market will remain Highly volatile and dynamics will be ever changing in terms of pricing,Margins & competition & offerings.

This is because of hybrid nature of led lighting products based on consumer behavior.The entire led lighting business ecosystem will be hybrid & complex on micro level and understanding this will be winning the game.

Those who will treats it as electrical goods will run on same business pattern as per electrical / lighting Industry. Some of us may treat it as fmcg product hence strategies will based on fmcg industry norms.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etkaoGt6CAI[/embedyt]

Above both conditions will not be alone helpful to achieve the corporate goals. Reason behind this as stated above Led Lighting Industry carries hybrid & complex nature of different industry,hence extra care & expertise is required when developing strategies.

Due to its certain feature Led Lighting carries few of FMCG industry characteristic,while in some cases it resembles with consumer durables /IT industry.

As per basic product need,distribution & marketing & other strategic norms,Led Lighting industry dynamics will be like fmcg industry becoz it will be required by every households and mass distribution system,marketing,promotions will be required,while on manufacturing & sourcing parts,it’s resembling with IT/ durables industry where prices will lower on regular basis,technological up gradation will be also on regular basis hence old models will be replaced by new one in frequent way as in mobile handset industry.

Complete Manufacturing Plant Setup To Market Establishment Phases Strategic Consulting Services !

This is the reason because of it’s hybrid & complex nature of led lighting products,players are coming from different industries i.e from core lighting industries (Philips,Osram,Surya etc) ,From Fmcg Industries ( Eveready,Wipro etc) & Also from other/new sectors players like syska basically from Mobile. Reason for introduction from varied industries is that every Industry feels that it is product of their industry and they can excel in led lighting Filed because some of characteristic of led lighting products resembles from different industries.

This all together creates a very complex business ecosystem and risk chances improves due to creation marketing illusions for marketers.

Hence organization have to develop ability & quality to execute their plan of both industries i.e. fmcg & Durable or IT,Mobile etc failing which may result in failure.

The competition will be more complex due to varied nature of competitors i.e. market players will be form different Industry & with different expertise & nature . i.e players will be from traditional lighting industry like Philips,Osram etc having technological edge or may be entrants from FMCG sectors (i.e. Eveready) having wide distribution network across India as their major usp (Eveready has 3.2 Million Shop penetration while Biggest Lighting firm Philips has only 1 Millions shop penetration) or strong new Local niche players offering low prices. All these situation will emerge a complex competitive market where all market players from different field having different nature,expertise and with their own USP & SPECIALTY.

Any thing may be possible in such type of unstable business environment. Any big MNC’s may get out from industry or any Small New & Niche player may emerge as Industry leader.It,s a business situation like driving in fog where nothing is very much clear & visibility is very limited for decision making.

That’s why we called this Industry as a very special in terms of micro dynamics & predicting it’s movement is difficult to Led Manufacturers. Here, The Consultants Plays a major role by assisting manufactures to manage their market risk by our unique micro strategic consultancy services.

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In this situation,leading market is a difficult task. Our micro strategic consultancy helps your organization to make it’s foundation strong develops ever performing LED Lighting business system in ever changing highly volatile business ecosystem.

Specialized Led Lighting Quality Assurance Lab Setup & ISO 17025 Certification

From conceptualization to strategic business modelling to market entry / launching to establishment strategies to Growth phase of your products life cycle, we manages every phases of CDP ( Consumer diffusion process) effectively to establish your brand in market.

Consulting Services Not Merely For Growth But To Establish You As Market Leader.

Complete Manufacturing Plant Setup To Business / Market Establishment Phases Strategic Consulting Services Under One Roof !

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Our Services

(1) Business Conceptualization & Modelling

The first step for success of any business.Her we assist our Led lighting Clients to present a broad as well as micro view of entire led lighting industry for Indian And global markets.We makes complex business process in such a simple way that all possible potential,process & risk management becomes very much clear for their short-mid & long term business vision.Here we provide step wise services starting from led light manufacturing to launch to market development business phases.

Here, we also provide strategic thought for whether to manufacture led light first or to capture market first.

(2) Business Planning & Strategising

The most critical task for Led Lighting Industry because of complex and uncertain nature of led light industry where dynamics related with price,promotion,market competition and technology is changing on very fast manner. every day new players are coming with new offerings.Here we assist our clients to start business from scratch for developing their time bound & phase wise organogram,organizational expansion,creating,business philosophy,corporate vision,mission and birth of different functional department,their hierarchy,synchronization,roles & responsibilities etc etc.

Further we draw entire business process,gtm,strategy etc for different phases and market development based on 4 p’s so that your brand can be enough able to fight multidirectional market competition.

All the above task are completed on Corporate and specific niche and mass market level.

To Conduct Strategic Market Dynamics & Training Programme at Your Corporate Office Plz Click On : http://goo.gl/Y3Mg0g

(3) Implementation & Execution

The next step.After preparing entire backend work,times come for effective Implementation & execution of strategy in market.Process execution is in itself highly specialized field where we have to insure that the process of process implementation should be as decided process.This is also one of most risky phase of business where great chances of resource drainage is possible.

We effectively manage this phase to insure maximum output by observing entire process,it’s out put & deviation to take immidiate corrective & preventive actions.In this phase we tries to ensure basic penetration and basic establishment of your brand in market.

(4) Market Growth & Lead Phase Strategic Consulting

The Advance Level of Organizational growth where qualitative & quantitative growth strategies are focused to lead the market so that brand can be emerge as market leader. This task is achieved by robust upgradation of organizational structure, improving work culture & strategic practices etc.In fact here we focus on 3 dimensional Strategy — first intra organizational (Inside Organization) development to improve efficiency, second Interorganizational where outside organization activities efficiency is improved & third Strategic process efficiency improvement.

Above all,we just focus on root cause responsible for failure.It has been noted that strategist mostly focus on success process and ignore failure reason. we first focus on reason for failure encountered during entire process to block them so that success can be automatically insured.


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