In Photos: DoD’s Vanguard Awards

The Honorable Frank Kendall provides the keynote address at the Vanguard Awards ceremony.

The Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) honored Vanguard Small Business awardees on May 12, 2016, in Atlanta, Georgia, during a ceremony at the Sheraton Atlanta’s Grand Ballroom. The inaugural Vanguard Awards Program celebrated the outstanding achievements of individuals, teams and component agencies during fiscal year 2015.

The Honorable Frank Kendall, Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, provided the keynote address at the Vanguard Awards ceremony in Atlanta. Mr. Kendall established the Vanguard Awards Program in October 2015 to recognize the acquisition community’s commitment to meeting Better Buying Power initiatives and DoD small business goals.

“The Vanguard Awards Program’s winners demonstrate the highest caliber of customer service through promotion of the Small Business mission,” said Mr. Kenyata Wesley, Acting Director of the DoD OSBP.

Dinner is served before the Vanguard Awards ceremony.

“The DoD Small Business Vanguard Awards Program is about recognizing continual improvement,” said Ms. Alice Williams, Associate Director of Workforce Initiatives, Socioeconomic Programs and the Rapid Innovation Fund at the DoD OSBP. “I encourage members of the acquisition community to continually set higher goals and expand upon their small business objectives.”

In fiscal year 2015, DoD exceeded its small business prime contracting goal of 21.6 percent, obtaining a historic 24.64 percent.

The Army is excited to win the Vanguard Award.

Vanguard Award

The Department of the Army (Army) was awarded the Vanguard Award.

In fiscal year 2015, the Army awarded more than $17 billion in prime contracts to small businesses, more than any other agency in the federal government. In fiscal year 2015, the Army also awarded more than 19 percent of all DoD Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts.

Mr. Douglas Packard is awarded the Revolutionary Leadership Award.

Revolutionary Leadership Award

Mr. Douglas Packard, Procurement Services Executive at the Defense Information System Agency (DISA), was awarded the Revolutionary Leadership Award.

For two consecutive years, Mr. Packard led DISA to achieve five of six DoD-assigned small business goals, and all of DISA’s agency-assigned small business goals. He has changed DISA’s culture, proactively engaging with DISA Small Business Programs to ensure that small businesses are provided a fair opportunity to participate in defense acquisitions.

To recognize the contributions of individuals who influence small business procurements, Mr. Packard created a new small business award presented at the DISA Procurement Awards. He also participates in OSBP outreach initiatives and invites small businesses to his bi-weekly staff meetings.

Mr. James Dean is awarded the Tracey L. Pinson Small Business Professional of the Year Award.

Tracey L. Pinson Small Business Professional of the Year Award

Mr. James Dean, Director of the Air Force Sustainment Center’s Small Business Office, was awarded the Tracey L. Pinson Small Business Professional of the Year Award.

In fiscal year 2015, Mr. Dean provided small business training to more than 450 contracting professionals and developed two contracting workshop modules for recent hires. Mr. Dean’s outreach program provided technical requirements and networking opportunities to more than 1,600 small businesses.

Mr. Dean is a member of the Multi-Functional Independent Review Team (MIRT), which analyzes competitive acquisitions worth more than $50 million. As a result of Mr. Dean’s advocacy on MIRT, there are now new small business set-asides that were previously Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) sole-sourced.

Mr. Dean is an elected official for the Greater Salt Lake Chapter of the National Contracting Management Agency. He also mentors Copper Cap interns and Air Force staff. Mr. Dean has created a culture where small business is the preferred procurement avenue.

Mr. David Sikora is awarded the SBIR Award.

SBIR Award

Mr. David Sikora, the Air Force’s Small Business Innovation Research/Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) Program Manager, was awarded the Small Business Innovation Research Award.

Mr. Sikora initiated an Air Force study that assessed the impact of SBIR/STTR investments. His initiative produced evidence of the SBIR program’s value and nationwide economic impact. The study concluded that the SBIR/STTR program resulted in more than $4.4 billion in military sales, more than $14.7 billion in total sales and the creation of more than 16,000 high-paying jobs. Mr. Sikora also created professional web videos showcasing SBIR/STTR’s success stories.

Ms. Faye Esaias accepts the Verdure Award on SPAWAR OSBP’s behalf.

Verdure Award

The Department of the Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) OSBP was awarded the Verdure Award.

SPAWAR’s OSBP team includes Ms. Faye Esaias, Ms. Angela King, Mr. Mark McLain and Ms. Mary Lake. The team developed a long-range forecast of procurement opportunities by meeting regularly with Program Executive Offices (PEOs) and Competencies to update procurement-forecast information. The team also developed a Contracts Data Requirements List (CDRL) to track small business utilization on large prime contracts.

The team created a market research template for the acquisition of services. The team also updated SPAWAR’s Small Business Instruction to establish responsibilities and procedures for implementing OSBP objectives. As a result of the team’s outreach efforts, SPAWAR exceeded its small business and socioeconomic goals in fiscal year 2015.

Mr. Lee Rosenberg and Ms. Sharon Jones are awarded the Small Business Impact Award.

Small Business Impact Award

Mr. Lee Rosenberg, Director of the Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA’s) Small Business Office, and Ms. Sharon Jones, Director of DISA’s Small Business Office, were awarded the Small Business Impact Award.

Mr. Lee Rosenberg was recognized for his distinguished service and relentless efforts in defending the rights of small businesses to have a fair opportunity to compete for DoD acquisitions. As a result of Mr. Rosenberg’s tenacity, MDA exceeded its small business performance goals in fiscal year 2015.

Mr. Rosenberg has exercised enormous influence on MDA’s subcontracting program, which emphasizes Small Business participation plans. His efforts have yielded great results and increased DoD subcontracting opportunities for small businesses.

Ms. Jones was recognized for her hard work in increasing communication between DoD organizations and industry about Small Business Programs. As a result of Ms. Jones’s tireless efforts, DISA increased the number of prime contracts awarded to small businesses. She embodies the definition of “doing more with less.”

Ms. Leah Baker and Mr. Gerald Furey are awarded the Small Business Professional Award for Excellence.

Small Business Professional Award for Excellence

Ms. Leah Baker and Mr. Gerald Furey, Small Business Professionals in the NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk Office (FLCN), were awarded the Small Business Professional Award for Excellence.

Ms. Baker and Mr. Furey were recognized for their leadership role in developing and implementing a market-research process to engage high-profile, geographically dispersed customers early in the procurement cycle. Increased early emphasis on small business programs resulted in record-high small business performance results in fiscal year 2015.

Ms. Tatia Evelyn-Bellamy is awarded the Small Business Director Award for Excellence.

Small Business Director Award for Excellence

Ms. Tatia M. Evelyn-Bellamy, Director of the Defense Contracting Management Agency’s (DCMA’s) Small Business Office, was awarded the Small Business Director Award for Excellence.

Ms. Evelyn-Bellamy has taken a Small Business Program from obscurity to one of the elite Small Business Programs in DoD. Her unyielding efforts to build coalitions inside DCMA with contracting communities and senior leaders have produced great efficiencies.

Ms. Evelyn-Bellamy has developed an oustanding working relationship with the Small Business Administration for agency reviews, which used to be cumbersome and redundant. Due to her hard work, determination and negotiation skills, DCMA inked an agreement with the Small Business Administration that reduces administrative burdens, yet provides clear guidance on what constitutes success for an organization’s Small Business Program.

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