How To Make Better, Faster Decisions When It Really Matters

  1. We often waste our limited attention on unimportant issues or procrastinate on the issues that are important. Instead, Step 1 applies a quick litmus test when evaluating whether any issue is important enough to resolve without delay: does it make me/us feel like a dark cloud is hanging over us and can we clearly define why it will be bad for all stakeholders if not resolved?
  2. When trying to resolve important issues we often jump to a solution or simply look for someone to blame. Instead, Step 2 guides us to identify the decision conflict we face in dealing or solving this issue defining the unique Pros and Cons, not only of the change we feel pressure to make, but also of the Pros and Cons of not changing. And if we’re inclined to blame ourselves or someone else, we should evaluate the conflict faced by the one(s) being blamed in the same way.
  3. We often focus on only one possible resolution mostly involving a compromise that will require both sides to give up something. Instead, Step 3 guides us to explore four alternative win/win options, each with more pros and fewer cons than the “change” or “no change” options currently being considered.
  4. We often ignore our own or other stakeholder’s valid reservations — “Yes-Buts” — or use any reservations as excuses not to act. Instead, Step 4 guides us through a simple process to use the valid Yes-Buts to create an even more robust solution and transform resistance to active support.
  5. We often only partially implement solutions making it difficult to know whether partial outcomes were due to an incomplete solution or as a result of not fully implementing the solution. Instead, Step 5 helps to design an experiment to allow us to fully test our new breakthrough solution without compromising.




New York Times best selling author Michael Levin runs, America’s leading creator and publisher of ghostwritten books.

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Michael Levin

Michael Levin

New York Times best selling author Michael Levin runs, America’s leading creator and publisher of ghostwritten books.

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