Welcome to Live Commerce

Today we’re thrilled to introduce live commerce, a shopping experience seamlessly integrated with live broadcasting.

From today you can purchase merchandise on Busker directly from a broadcaster. For example, you can purchase a personal diet plan from a fitness expert, a track from a musician or a painting from an artist. The possibilities are endless. And you can complete the entire transaction while you’re watching.

Our team is incredibly excited to share this feature with you, for several reasons.

Firstly, commerce and live broadcasting go very well together because you can interact with the seller: you can pose questions, get to know the seller, ask to see more of the product or where its made etc.

Secondly, its a great way to support your favourite broadcaster so they can make more quality live shows. Busker wants to make it easier for talented broadcasters to be rewarded.

Thirdly, the broadcaster can thank you live because you can complete the purchase without leaving the stream.

Live commerce is a game changer for live streaming. TherealFabe, MC and motivational freestyle rapper on Busker:

“In just two broadcasts I already sold enough music, stickers, hats and other merch to profit well into the hundreds. This gives me an opportunity to sell directly to my fans, and earn money in a very difficult industry.”

Each time you see the green sales tag it means you can buy something (by the way, you can also buy on a replay). Enter your credit card and check-out, all while you’re watching the broadcast.

Your payment information is completely secure and handled by Stripe, a leading payment processor used by Kickstarter, Adidas, Best Buy, Saks Fifth Avenue and many others.

If you’re interested in becoming a seller on Busker simply sign up for a free account at Stripe.com and connect it to Busker. Once we approve your store and your products you can start selling. For more information please visit our FAQ.

Live commerce is now available on iOS and Android.

Happy Busking!