Let’s be honest here…how many therapists are actually wise enough to give sage unbiased advice?

Once again, you seem to be implying that because the therapists you’ve been with couldn’t help you, the whole field is of no use to anyone.

Of course therapists are people, too, but they are trained to help us. Is it an exact science, like chemistry or engineering? No. The mind is weird, and relationships are weird. There is no one big secret to overcoming all your wounds overnight, and any relationship is going to involve a whole lot of listening. Also, you may think you’ve done all the introspection you need to on a given issue, but perhaps if that issue is persistently troubling you, you may have deeper still to go. You may be dealing with a disconnect between what you’re told to feel about a given thing and how you really feel.

The money is a problem. It really shouldn’t be if society is really devoted to well being for everybody, but that’s a different story.

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