The Phony Orange POTUS

If you were anything like me as a kid, you loved Disney’s Robin Hood. Well, recently, some folks were talking about how the President elect seems unable to handle criticism, much like Prince John in that version of the story (voiced by the incomparable Peter Ustinov). Well, being the guy I am, this happened. Check out the video to brush up on the melody and sing along!

The Phony Orange POTUS

Oh the world will sing of a would-be king

Many years from now

And not because he wrote some laws

Or had that lofty brow

But like a playground bully

He gave democracy a thump

We curse our luck that we are stuck

With Donald bloody Trump

Incredible as he is inept

Whenever the hist’ry books are kept

They’ll call him the phony orange POTUS

A pox on the phony orange POTUS

Up in his tower by the hour,

a -tweeting everything

A little tyke who’s rather like

A puppet on a string

And he throws an angry tantrum

If he doesn’t get his way

He’ll bash the public and the press

When he doesn’t want to play

In time to be known as Don the First

And sure to be known as Don the Worst

A Pox on the phony orange POTUS

A pox on the phony orange POTUS

He threatens life and freedom

for the people he would rule

But silly man can’t even stand

A little ridicule

So while we plan resistance

To fight with heart and hand

You’ll hear this song before too long

Across this lovely land

A minute before he knows we’re there

We’ll steal his gold-leaf underwear

The breezy and uneasy orange POTUS

The snivellin’ grovellin’

Measly weasely

Blabberin’ jabberin’

Gibberin’ jabberin’


Wheelin’ dealin’

Donald Trump, that phony orange POTUS