If I’m a Golden State Warriors fan, I’m both excited and incredibly nervous heading into this season.

First, before I dig into what I expect to happen, let’s get one thing straight: THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS ARE NOT GETTING 73+ WINS… People seem to forget that last years Golden State Warriors jumped out to a 28–0 start to the season. The reason I mention that is because as great as the GSW were last season, if they played how they did in the last half of last season for the entire season… They would not have gotten 70 wins. Then with the additional variable of chemistry and having to “figure it all out” unlike they’ve had to in years past. The straight fact that no team in LEAGUE HISTORY has had the past 3 years worth of MVP’s as well as 4 all stars on one team, it’s gonna be interesting. If I were a Warriors fan, my worst fear would be injury, but my second worst fear would be that 2010–11 repeated itself. In the form of the Miami Heat becoming the most talented team on paper team in league history…to get to the point where they couldn’t find the chemistry neccesary to win the East and to win the title despite being expected to.

I have the Warriors finishing 2nd in the West due to early chemistry issues and not being able to catch up to San Antonio.

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