7 Advantages of an Online Music Producer

All the naysayers and non-believers will tell you, you won’t make it online. They will say you can’t make a living doing what you love, so you might as well get a 9–5 job. They will even go as far as telling you the online music production field is “over-saturated.”

Today, I will reveal your advantages as an online music producer and how you can build your business from nothing and get more clients than ever before.

Here’s a quick list of your advantages

  • Eliminate the Factor of Time
  • Multiply Your production
  • Connect with the World
  • Craft Your Image
  • Little to No Overhead
  • Systems Built for You
  • Endless Creative Allowance

1. Eliminate the Factor of Time

When you create your online music business, you are taking time out of the equation. No longer will you have to manually do menial tasks like send order emails or send quotes or even schedule someone for an appointment. With the tools provided on the internet, you now have power to create sites which would cost companies many thousands in past times.

2. Multiply Your Production

With so much extra time not spent sending emails and doing menial things, you now have time to produce more. As a producer, you not only need practice, you need to have projects and songs completed to continue doing business.

3. Connect with the World

This goes without saying but the internet has connected more people in a shorter time than ever before. Now you have access to developers and producers around the world. Value creation will skyrocket which means we will all prosper as long as we all do our part and do what we love to serve another.

4. Craft Your Image

If you wanted to, you could literally re-invent yourself online. And comeback as a completely new person and company. Similar to how Mick Foley started out as Cactus Jack, then Mankind, then Mick Foley. Even P Diddy went through name changes. Puff Daddy — Diddy — P Diddy. Now with the help of the internet, you can do just that but even further.

5. Little to No Overhead

With your online music business, you have very little overhead. Yes, there are some fees, but we show you how to start using free platforms and then gaining enough money to reinvest in your website and company.

A lot of producers think you have to have flashy websites and crazy artwork, if clients were trying to buy art from you, maybe that would matter, they are there to buy music which they plan to invest in their own projects with. They will only care about the artwork they use for their own projects.

Other than website hosting and other fees which you don’t have until you invest in your own site, you can literally have a music business online now for FREE and make money from it.

No inventory costs, no staff, no headaches.

6. Systems Built for You

With the internet gaining more popularity, more companies are trying to make money online which is a good thing for you. With more developers and technology advancing at light speed, you now have tools which were coveted by top brands. Tools which allow you to eliminate time, energy and cost from the equation of building your business.

Website music players, video players, contact forms, email management, social management, so many tools at your fingertips.

7. Endless Creative Allowance

With so many producers and artists sounding the same, the market wants to hear and experience something different. The general public is more open now than ever before to accepting your approach to art. Whether that’s zany or just genius. I mean if Caitlyn Jenner, Donald Trump, and Steve Harvey’s activities are accepted, than what can you do to shake this industry up?

With these advantages, you could easily wipe top brands clean from the 80s and 90s. Why aren’t you taking advantage of your opportunity?

Your Friend in Music Production Training,

Game, BusyWorksBeats.com