How to Make Your Life Infinitely Easier - 5 Simple Tricks to Enhance Your Life Instantly

Hey again,

I just want to share 5 quick ways you can make your life less stressful so that you can take away the unnecessary pain in your life and get into higher levels of life which offer abundance, freedom, joy and prosperity.

by Thomas, Our Media Genius

1. Nothing is Urgent — Except Family Wellbeing and Health

Our society taught us to make the most menial things urgent like: Answering emails, calling someone back, doing your chores, doing your homework, handling personal things which can be handled at another time, and the list goes on.

If you want to have true control and power over your life, stop giving power to things which DON’T MATTER. That email will be there tomorrow; that person won’t mind if you call them back later; those chores have all day to get done.

However, I don’t advise missing opportunity by neglecting things. The point is that nothing is REALLY that urgent except protecting your family and their health, THAT IS IT.

2. Connect with Purpose

I say this all the time, but it’s not a kiddy phrase or a cliché used to just brush off an answer. Literally, when you connect with a “why,” a reason to complete your actions, you will gain an invisible power source to get them done and not only that, you’ll do it with your best ability.

Think about the time you tried to impress the girl you liked in that basketball game by going super hard trying to dribble the ball and get good shots in. There was a REASON you went so hard, and that was to please the girl you liked.

If you’re pursuing life with no ultimate “Why,” reason of pursuit, or purpose you are simply flapping around on dry land like a fish. You have no direction. If you don’t know your purpose in life, just ask. If you believe in the creator, ask the creator for your purpose in life.

Once you unlock the true reason you are here on earth, you will give all your potential and energy into pursuing that purpose with excellence because you know it counts. Kind of like when you get your first credit card, you want to charge things to the credit card so you get credit for all your activity, like filling up your gas tank.

Connecting with purpose is like plugging into a socket with infinite power. You will never dry of motivation, inspiration, or direction in your activities.

You’re here to complete the intentions of the cause, creator. By aligning your intentions to become a part of the completion of intention of the creator, you will step into the infinite power source. And nothing will override the intentions of the creator.

3. Be Thankful

It sounds cliché but being thankful, not only to yourself but to others, will open many doors. In America specifically, we tend to have an arrogant — entitlement mentality which suggests we deserve the things we have. Newsflash, you don’t deserve anything. You were gifted with life, therefore you’re eternally indebted to the one which gave you life (the creator) to begin with because you could easily be nothingness.

Being thankful is a mental tool. You begin to open your awareness to the many things you ALREADY HAVE and then see new ways to use them to grow. Thankfulness also calms the mind and when used among others, makes you more likable and tolerable.

Being thankful is a TOOL.

4. Take Responsibility and Control ALL Your Actions

I will keep this short. What you need to do is take control of all the things you owe, all your bills, and all your responsibilities. Ask your parents for the bills they pay for you because they will try to sway you away from controlling that responsibility.

If you don’t have the means to pay for what you owe, no worries, here’s a fast track solution as to how to go about that specifically.

Once you have control and have taken responsibility for what you owe, your overall level of responsibility will increase. Meaning, you will become a better steward for MORE. Those with power have HUGE responsibility and one trait they all have in common is TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for ALL Their actions. I know a few use scape goats, but those are cowards in king’s clothing.

Stop blaming others and making excuses. You create your own results. You determine how you react to situations, which should be to not react but be proactive. If you got bad results, own up to it and make better decisions to get better results. Enough blaming of the gods, luck, others, your parents, the school, your teacher. Blame the one truly responsible, Yourself.

5. Get out of the Cloud

Our society is probably at the peak of distraction. Distraction not only takes us away from our tasks at hand, but introduces noise into our minds, leading to more confusion and loss of thought. Cloudy thought and vagueness leads to all types of chaos. Clear your noisy chaos by focusing the mind. This can be done through meditation, clearing and focusing the mind.

Just like we use lowpass filters in music production to cut out the high frequencies and focus on the low frequencies, you too need to filter out the noise which is bombarding your home daily through: TV, Mobile, Appliances, Mail, Email, Video Games, Radio, etc. I’d suggest thinking of it like a bandpass filter with a high resonance. Once you focus noise, you get specific frequency.

If you’re not into music, think of it like the ocean. We only want fish, so how can we get fish and less ocean water? A net. We can cast a net which will catch the fish we want but weed out the ocean water we don’t want.

These are 5 powerful ways to transform your life from stress to ease and live in true power.