How to Stand Out as a Music Professional

In order to succeed, you must first stand out. If you are the same as everyone else, people cannot differentiate the value between you and another. It’s vital you be different.

How to Be Different

You don’t have to be a rebel against society to be different. We just need some trait which you have that helps you stand out from everyone else.

  1. Find Your Strengths — I deal with music professionals who think they know their strengths based on skills. But your strengths are also based in personality and ideas. It’s not just a skill thing or just talent. Don’t focus on your weaknesses, you can hire people or surround yourself with people who can do those jobs, focus on your strengths so you can fill someone else’s weaknesses
  2. Unique Selling Point — What separates your product from the next man? If you can’t answer that, you are probably selling a commodity. Something Common. Something people can get easily. If you only sell a commodity, you will ALWAYS be battling on PRICE alone. And the only one who wins is the guy with the lowest price. Find your USP if you plan to NEVER have competition, EVER. Finding your unique approach to business is something everyone has to sit down and figure out, there is no easy 1,2,3 step process of how to do it. Just find simple ways and offers you can offer to stand out.
  3. Valuable Content — People only share and talk about valuable content, period. If your product is not up to par, you must develop your skill and product. You can learn more at You can’t scale a product which doesn’t have valuable content.
  4. Consistency and Humility — Way too many people in the music industry get proud of their accomplishments and forget this world is based on relationships. If you sever tons and tons of relationships, you’re only alienating yourself from communities and societies. And if you plan to extract money from a community and society, you MUST have relationships in those places. Being consistent in building relationships and staying humble will create the foundation for your brand.
  5. Don’t Do What Everybody Else Does — If you do the SAME thing everyone else does in the SAME way to the SAME people, you will only be seen as a car in a big traffic jam. A lesser version of the original. If you see everyone else running through one door, sprint in the other direction because the masses always lead themselves to destruction.

If you APPLY these steps above, you will be 5 steps closer to standing out. It’s not about how much you spam your link or change your thumbnail. It’s about knowing your core value and projecting that into the marketplace.

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