Will Your Music Stand the Test of Time?


Legacy is a word you hear from most pros who have gone on to do great works. We don’t usually use the term when we’re grinding.

Will Your Music Last?

Are you pigeon-holed into a genre? Are you considered the best _____ artist? Sometimes being pigeon-holed is a good thing for branding. But, most the time, that genre may become washed up and considered a trend 20 years from now.

So the question is, will you be remembered for your work?

Even if the music isn’t the most spectacular thing will it be remembered along some great project like a movie premier or product release.

Are You Stuck in a Genre?

Being stuck in a genre is like learning one language. You can only speak that language to others who know that language. Wouldn’t you like to speak multiple languages and have the ability to communicate with millions more people? Learning Music Theory is the key to learning the universal language, Music.

Music is music is music. It can speak in all languages. And Music IS a language, one which you must learn.

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Does a Song Have to be a Hit to Last Forever?

I’ve heard tons of songs in movies and video games which were released and were never “hits” but became popular again through new product releases.

If you don’t reach the billboard top charts, don’t lose hope that your work won’t be passed into the depths of time.

Just think, is what I’m doing creating a possible legacy? Am I doing things which will be remembered in time? If not, why not?

Thank you,

Game, BusyWorksBeats.com