I don’t have a story.

Some uniquely organized group of words are not gonna be what this read is centered on.

Nope. I got nothing.

Well actually all I have is struggle. But in that struggle I have a lot of gratitude. I mean. Sure I’m a Corper. Corpses are always unhappy because they are broke mehn.

Even if National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) bestows on us the permission to call ourselves “government property”, what the hell do they do for us? Send us off to a State adjacent to a State next to the State facing the State opposite the State that’s almost diagonally across the State at 97 degrees South of the North-East but actually West-wollup 🖐 too much maths. But you get it right?

I think the Nigerian Federal government had a meeting and just went:

X: “Okay boys! Let’s fudge these youngsters up! Let’s completely annihilate any idea of an easy life and replace it with pure, raw, unfiltered and unrefined struggle with extreme prejudice. Got it?!”