“OMG is this the same place!? Have you ever moved from here?” and after a moment I break into a dramatic stare and I pause again.

Almost automatically -immediately- she says “I don’t get it!”

I gaped “Well how could you! It’s only been a quarter of a millisecond!”

And we burst into roar-folds of laughter as though we were the girls from a certain time we both still dream of.

It was like we were those two little curly headed dark skinned girls in the courtyard again. Sneaking out of bed after lights-out in the dead of the night with hearts full of wishes and tongues eager to have a taste of the outside world. Staring into the night sky pregnant with stars and lit with satellites we couldn’t tell apart. In a tumble of mess from the little community we lived in for a couple of months at scheduled times of the academic year. School was a nightmare. She made it better.

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