3 Best Weekend Getaway Spots

Life can be so hectic when you’re living in Singapore.

This is why it is necessary to have a weekend getaway to stay sane and be refreshed for the upcoming week! Thankfully, Singapore is a short distance away from many amazing weekend getaway spots. And you don’t need to spend a crazy amount of moolah on a short holiday when you have budget airlines. Get ready to relax and unwind.

1.Phu Quoc

This is a lesser known resort in Thailand that is worth exploring. The main attraction here is definitely the beach where you can get your sun-kissed skin and have a refreshing swim. The waves are gentle here — they roll up the beach like water flowing out of a full bathtub, not the crashing kind that turns murky with glistening swirling crystals.

Another activity worth trying is squid fishing at Duong Duong Beach with John’s tours! They provide dinner and you get to watch the beautiful sunset at the beach, which is bound to relax any stressful nerve. The experience was something else — sitting on the edge of the boat with our legs dangling, watching the sun set and the gradient of colours that spread in its wake; allowing the waves to sing us a dulcet lullaby. Squid fishing gets exciting when the sun really sets and you’re in a velvet of darkness.

Resort experiences are hardly complete without snorkelling. Dive into the clear waters and be fascinated by the seemingly infinite array of coral reefs and little fishes that swim by. It was amazing to see the underwater life in such an intimate way.

2. Redang

Another good destination for a fresh breath of air is Redang Island, one of the most scenic islands in Malaysia, known for its crystal clear blue waters which is perfect for snorkelling and diving. Trekking is also a great option on this island.

Take a ride on a boat and pedal to the far corners of the island to catch a glimpse of the most marine life through the clear waters. If you want to get underwater pictures, shops rent out cameras for RM30 per day for you to do so! They provide services to burn those pictures on a CD as well for affordable prices.

Pulau Redang has not much of a nightlife to offer except for Karaoke. A more unconventional thing to do at night would be to go crab hunting and turtle-watching. Pasir Chagar Hutang is the prime spot in Redang Island, where turtles come to mate and lay eggs. You’d need several torchlights and a group of friends to really have fun!

3. Bangkok

If you can’t be away from the hustle and bustle of life, Bangkok is a well-loved spot for that; perfect for those shopaholics and coconut lovers! One can never have enough clothes or coconuts. Bangkok has pretty affordable accommodation compared to other places in the world, so you can get some really good deals.

Need a mall? Siam has you covered. There are four major shopping malls in Siam: Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery, MBK — perfect for you to spend a whole day at. When you get thirsty, grab a coconut drink outside!

The tuk-tuk transport is an experience worth having. Take it to the Chatuchak Weekend market, the biggest weekend market in the world. It consists of about 15 000 stalls, and it is a very popular destination for tourists. Get ready to haggle and carry a ton of stuff. Here you will find just about anything you can imagine, both useful and not so useful stuff.

Everyone needs a breather from time to time, so take a weekend now to spend time with the ones you love on a short trip to one of these places and let loose!

Written by: Tiffany Lim (instagram.com/teefaneh)