5 Ways to Save on Groceries

The pervasive shift away from plant-based diets towards more meat-based diets has resulted in an increase in grocery expenditure. Have you ever wondered how you could reduce your money spent on groceries? Well, you’ve come to the right place — here are 5 tips on reducing your grocery expenditure.

1) Go to Discounted Specialty Shops

Remember “the $1 shop” that we used to go to after primary school to buy snacks? The shop actually still exists right now! Find yourself looking through an abundance of toiletry products, bottled drinks and food items in ValueDollar and ABC shops. These discounted speciality shops offering goods with discounts of up to 60% off are found all over Singapore.

2) Head down to a Wet Market

Ever found yourself at a supermarket aghast by the price of food items? Head to wet markets all over Singapore to buy cheap, good and fresh produce! One of the best wet markets to buy your dry and fresh produce from is Tekka Wet Market. With over 284 stalls and also long opening hours, this is surely a wet market you shouldn’t miss.

3) Buy Sale Items

Should you find yourself stuck at a supermarket because of convenience, purchase fresh produce which are on sale because of their short shelf life. Purchase as much of the fresh produce on sale as you wish and freeze them immediately once you get home. This allows you to cook or eat the foods at your convenience.

4) Get a Passion Card

Sign up for a Passion Card at just a low cost of $12 at your local community centre. You will be able to collect loyalty points from local supermarkets such as Giant, Cold Storage and Market Place. You can redeem these points in the form of cash rebates for groceries in the future. Passion Cards also allow you many other benefits such as a discounted rate for community centre activities.

5) Write a Shopping List

By planning out your meals for the week, you will be able to come up with a shopping list. This prevents you from buying too much groceries and having to dispose of the uneaten, spoilt, fresh produce. Planning also prevents you from deciding to order takeout fast food instead of cooking a healthy meal at home. (This will help with your healthy new year resolutions!)

These tips will definitely help you save on your monthly grocery expenditure and your overall expenditure for the year. Here’s to spending less this 2017!

Written by: Sharon Tay

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