How To Make a Small Room Appear Large

  • Singaporeans are living in smaller houses these days. With the lack of space in a house, it can be mistaken as a storage room instead of a home. However, it does not take much into tricking the mind that the small space is not so small after all. Lighting, colour and furniture are the most important element that can make or break a room. Therefore, it is important to know what goes where and in what colour it should be!

With that in mind, here are 5 simple tips into making a small space look and feel larger!

1. Keep it low

Having furnitures that are closer to the ground will create the illusion of a higher ceiling. This will make it feel more open as there is more space above the furnitures. This applies to lighting as well. Lowering the lighting will limit the shadows and similarly creates a more open feel.

2. Mirror mirror on the wall

Hang mirror around the room to reflect the light and the space creating the illusion of having double the space. Furthermore, mirrors can be a decor as well and not just a tool.

3. Multi-functioning furnitures

There are so many furnitures that doubles as a storage space as well. Beds that has a storage boxes inbuilt and sofas that has a hidden shelf below it are just two of the many unique and clever designs that are available.

Tip: If you are not keen in buying a new bed, you could just buy storage boxes and roll them under the bed or under the sofa!

4. Light colours

Having light coloured floorings will help greatly as the light colours make the room look brighter. Adding a light coloured rug or a carpet will have the same effect as well.

5. Go big

It can be tempting to display the souvenirs and small pieces of art around the house. But this only creates clutter in the already small apartment. Instead of having many small art pieces, go for one big showpiece that will not only standout but once again, save space.

It really is easy to fool the mind into thinking that the house is bigger than it really is. Hopefully these tips will help you in doing so!

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