Top 3 Places To Exercise

Whether you are in Singapore for a vacation, a short business trip or a local here, you can always find great opportunities to stay fit.

If you’re not fond of the gym, Singapore has an abundance of scenic running routes, open spaces and fitness corners where you can get your exercise at.

1.Marina Bay

Feast your eyes on a post-card worthy scenic area of the iconic Marina Bay Sands while working up a sweat. There are open spaces on the Helix Bridge and below the Helix Bridge where you can work out or do yoga with a friend! The running route around the bay area is simple enough as it allows you to run for 3.5km straight without having to cross busy streets or wait at traffic lights. You can extend the route by running up the Singapore River towards Clarke Quay if you want.

2. Macritchie Reservoir

Macritchie Reservoir provides an array of picturesque routes and trails to jog along. Bring a big bottle of water, in case you miss the refill stations. Don’t bring food when you’re there because the monkeys there might steal your items! The reservoir loop is about 11km — a mix of pavement, wooden boards and dirt track. The route can get slightly bumpy, but it is not too strenuous. If you choose to head up to the treetop walk to jog, the last 100m can be really tough as the slope is really steep.

3. The Southern Ridges

Have an intense session of cardio here through a nature-filled and secluded trail. You can start near Kent Ridge Park, and head into the Canopy Walk, then the verdant HortPark and The Forest Walk. It would be best to start early in the morning to avoid the midday heat which would be at its peak when you reach the Henderson Waves. You can then have your well-deserved break at Vivocity, situated at the end of the trail.

These are only 3 of the many options that Singapore has to offer! Explore and try them all when you have spare time to do the things you love with Butler in Suits.

Written by: Tiffany Lim