Butterfleye App for Android

After a long awaited release date, Butterfleye announced it will be releasing its Android app by the end of October.

We’ve been working tirelessly to get this Android app developed and functioning as a first class experience. We have been thoughtful and diligent about transferring the iOS experience into the Android platform. The Android app offers a very similar experience as compared to the iOS app and will be improving over time. Android development is progressing well. We have built the core application framework and now are working on integrating the app with camera and cloud software. The basic streaming and timeline video functions are working.

Butterfleye Android app

With over 3,000 cameras shipped, this is a big step forward for our community. When we started building Butterfleye we wanted to protect homes and businesses everywhere, with the release of our Android app, we are one step closer to that goal. Now, the two most used mobile platforms will be able to protect and learn more about what happens at home while they are away.

We look forward to bringing Butterfleye to the Android community and incorporating Butterfleye into your smart home & business. We look forward to you interacting with Butterfleye and hearing your feedback.

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