Butterfleye Introduces Nero 1

San Mateo, California — Today, Butterfleye, Inc (getbutterfleye.com), in partnership with Amazon AI (Amazon Rekognition), is introducing a proprietary facial recognition technology on its high definition wire-free security cameras. The facial recognition technology has the ability to identify and verify the faces of individual people. Butterfleye was founded on the premise that a camera must have the intelligence to be able to differentiate between a person or animal and shadows or tree branches moving in the wind. Intelligent and accurate notifications are the foundation of Butterfleye and today, Butterfleye is releasing its facial recognition technology — turning already smart alerts, smarter.

By combining Butterfleye’s proprietary on-camera computer vision and Amazon AI’s deep learning-based image recognition capabilities, we are able to identify and tag millions of faces accurately. This partnership allows Butterfleye access to powerful image and facial analysis technology, giving us a technological edge in the security camera market.

Butterfleye is easily installed in homes and businesses, providing meaningful insights. Facial recognition provides the foundation to various other features, including the ability to count people and create entry logs for familiar faces. Businesses will be able keep accurate employee logs, know the demographics and profiles of their customers, and build heat maps of the busiest paths inside the business. At home, Butterfleye will give key insights to when the dog walker arrives, when the kids left, and eventually when UPS delivered your Amazon package.

Butterfleye is excited to introduce Nero 1. Nero 1 ships with built-in facial recognition technology. When Nero 1 first arrives into one of our customers’ hands, it doesn’t know anyone yet. Over a period of a few days, Butterfleye cameras capture various faces and prompt their users to recognize and tag known people. Once a face is known, Nero 1 saves this information permanently and if the user purchases additional Nero 1 cameras, the original Nero 1 shares its knowledge and database of known faces.

Nero 1’s Notable Features:

  • High Quality Video — 1080p HD and 30 fps with facial recognition technology.
  • Local Storage — Twice more memory than the original Butterfleye (stores over 30 hours locally — about 60 days of events).
  • Japanese Battery Technology — Giving a 30% improvement on battery life compared to the previous generation.
  • Two Way Talk — Featuring improved audio performance from the original Butterfleye and ability to converse between Nero 1 and your iOS device.

Nero 1 is available on GetButterfleye.com for $249.99 for a single camera and $599.99 for a three-pack.