No Fale Alarm Security

False alarms are an everyday part of video monitoring systems. When you install a system yourself, you are responsible for monitoring it. 94–99% of all burglar alarm calls turn out to be false alarms which make up 10–20% of all total emergency calls. Wifi cameras have a tremendous amount of false alarms, so Butterfleye decided to solve this issue.

Introducing no false alarms: Butterfleye solved the false alarm issue, which other cameras face, by developing an advanced algorithm that understands its environment. With a PIR (passive infra-red) sensor, Butterfleye is able to distinguish between animals and humans, the wind blowing or somebody moving the curtain, and a host of other events that seem like something they are not. False alarms make users turn notifications off and diminish the in app experience you would like to have from an instant alert security system. We ran a test, which competitors of Butterfleye had a 10–1 notification rate. So, for every 1 Butterfleye notification, we received 10 from Blink and Canary.

Our advanced computer vision technology allows us to give you truly detailed and accurate alerts, all in real time. Butterfleye is monitoring your home and business 24/7 and alerts you when there is a change in the environment. The alerts range from “unknown person was seen” to “Fido was seen” allowing you to know when there is cause for concern and when everything is fine.

How it works: activity based recording (ABR, patent pending) is what separates Butterfleye from the rest of the cameras available. We take a 2 pronged approach to ensuring the alerts you receive are accurate and complete. Activity based recording is our patent pending technology which incorporates passive infrared sensors and advanced computer vision. No other camera on the market has these two technologies working together. Some have the PIR sensor and others have computer vision. This critical combination puts Butterfleye in a class of its own, providing our community with extremely accurate, reliable alerts.

The PIR sensor makes sure whatever is creating the motion on the camera has an identifiable heat source, ensuring it is a living thing. The information is relayed to the onboard computer (inside the Butterfleye), is processed, and identified.

There are over 2 million burglaries a year in the USA; so having a security camera is a must in preventing and collecting evidence of burglaries. Butterfleye recordings are immediately uploaded securely to our cloud so you have instant access to what is going on in your home from wherever in the world you may be.