Becoming the Nurse I am

Being convinced that nursing is the best path to take, I decided to step upon the time escalator to becoming one. The time spent at university to study was the worst. I hated it …and yet I continued on with the idea that I will not quit something I started and am not even sure I like. I convinced myself that it will all be worth it at the end, even if I decide to change careers later on in life.

I did it.

It was one of the best liberating days of my life to graduate, yet on that morning I distinctly remember waking up to a dream that I already was studying and pursuing another career.

Starting to work as a nurse was almost the worst experience of my life to adapt to this new life of shift and long hours. Contradictory enough ….I loved the job as a fully fledged independent and responsible nurse. It felt so fulfilling to feel that I am capable of doing something that few people claim they can do.

I loved it and still do.

As the months passed, I learned and experienced so many unfathomable things. I bonded with my colleagues to a level I never imagined would be possible. I touched death and so many lives in such a short time. I even continued to self study by doing my own research. I certainly don’t regret choosing nursing.

I realized that my path to becoming a nurse began when I started working professionally. It is then when I had the responsibility on my shoulders that I learned real working and problem solving skills. What I was dumbfounded about for example was my skill on how to make people laugh, understood and comfortable during their most anxious and depressed moments. I really felt like I am a sun shining on their darkness providing a few moments of light to their despair. Who knew I would have such a good sense of making people at their darkest hours feel in such a way?

It was then that I realized I had become a nurse!

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