Kevin – love this and needed the guidance.
Ashley Eakers

Hey Ashley - I hope all is well with you and Gatsby. Delighted you liked the post. Puppy feeding guidelines is next up on the blog post agenda.

Working out puppy feeding guidelines tends to be slightly more complicated. The main reason for this - their is an implied growth curve for each breed of dog. Small breeds are generally fully grown at 12 months of age and bigger breeds can take up to 18 months.

The mathematical equation to work out the MER amount is:

130*(Current kg weight ^ 0.75)*3.2*(EXP(-0.87*Current kg weight / final adult weight) -0.1)”

Source — (National Research Council, 2006).

As you can see there is an estimated final adult weight for Gatsby. We have done a lot of work on growth curves for breeds and now have greater clarity and estimation potential. I can send over a full breakdown for Gatsby if you would like!

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