Review: Alyce Kills 2013

I loved this movie! “Alyce Kills” is dark, it’s funny, it’s weird, it’s ridiculous, it’s sad, and it’s VERY graphic/bloody! The best thing about this film is the way it melds absurdity with tragedy, it’s so fascinating and the result is rather entertaining. 
“Alyce Kills” is about a young girl who goes out for a night of drinking with her recently dumped best friend, the two end up on the roof of an apartment building. They’re messing around up there and Alyce’s friend accidentally falls off the roof…Alyce blames herself (though I could swear she had nothing really to do with it..) and what follows are a string of bad decisions on Alyce’s part, starting with her being too afraid to go down to the ground and check on her friend, and escalating to lying to the investigators, claiming she was never on the roof at all…then she learns that her friend actually survived but is, for the time being, unable to answer any questions. Then Alyce goes right on making terrible decision after terrible decision, digging herself deeper and deeper into a pit of darkness and sex and violence and eventually murder, then murder after murder (hence the title of the movie). 
Underneath all the craziness and all the senseless violence and murder and mayhem, “Alyce Kills” is really just a sad story of a girl who finds herself in such a horrific and just plain unlucky situation, and the chain of events that follow when, each step of the way, Alyce does the wrong thing. It all begins with a single bad decision, to cover it up she tells a lie, and when she has to cover up that lie…she does the unthinkable, and it’s the ‘unthinkable’ that truly plunges her into madness…and that’s when things get crazy. Oh, and I LOVED the ending, one of my favourite ways to end a horror film! Awesome movie!

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