Review: American Mary 2013

This is one that ‘critics’ consider to be ‘alright’, but, of course, I thought it was totally AWESOME! Certainly not perfect, but so interesting, super bloody, a little funny, and such a unique concept for a movie. There are some strange moments that don’t work so well, and the ending is widely considered too ‘anticlimactic’, but I just think that there is SO MUCH awesome in this film that it makes up for it’s ‘flaws’. 
“American Mary” follows Mary Mason, a young, struggling medical student, studying to be a surgeon. Desperate for money to pay her tuition, Mary interviews at a strip club, but, through crazy circumstance, winds up making a lot more money due to her surgical knowledge. Problem is Mary is being paid to perform private, illegal surgeries…then things manage to get much worse for Mary. She is attacked at a party and this leads to a downward spiral, she drops out of school and begins an ‘underground’ body modification studio..but she also maintains a dark secret project of her own…
“American Mary” is body horror at it’s finest, the story may be a little ‘out there’, but, visually speaking, the body horror is just revoltingly beautiful and undeniably remarkable. Also, I mentioned the ending earlier…I personally didn’t hate it..sure it’s slightly abrupt and I can certainly agree that it’s anti-climactic and could have been better…but I thought it was decent enough, endings aren’t easy, but at least this one was clear. 
I really enjoyed this movie, it’s different, it’s entertaining, and, while not all the acting is brilliant, Katharine Isabelle gives a PHENOMENAL performance as Mary Mason. The way she commands the screen with her stunning sexuality and sarcastic, deadpan delivery…it’s perfection and provides an awesome contrast to the horrific, bizarre and bloody backstory.

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