Review: Antiviral 2012

A revolting, yet undeniably fascinating social commentary about just where the line lies when it comes to our obsession with celebrities. Set in the not-too-distant future, “Antiviral” centers around Syd March, who has a very interesting job and an even more interesting ‘side-job’... You see, people have moved beyond simply watching movies or reading magazines, they want more, and the company for which Syd works, can supply the ultimate connection to famous celebs: their diseases. That’s right, the concept for this film is truly a sick one, unfortunately, such a commentary on our world is not an inaccurate one.. So, Syd is a salesman of celebrity illnesses, and, on the ‘side’, Syd illegally sells the viruses to interested parties, and, to do so, he smuggles them out in his own body. From the start of the film, Syd is very unhealthy, but when he gets a chance at a brand new virus and then the original host becomes terminally ill, he becomes desperate to find a cure before it is also too late for him. 
“Antiviral” is very good, it’s a rather artistic film, it centers almost entirely around Syd and therefore the mood/tone of the film is set by Syd’s mood. Because he is unwell, the film has a very grim/sluggish feel to it, some people found this to be “too much”, but as far as I’m concerned, this film is exactly what it set out to be, if you don’t like what it is, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad film, just that it wasn’t ‘for you’. If you are looking for scares, or action, then “Antiviral” is not going to satisfy, but if you want an effective, albeit subdued, artistic horror-drama that will make you think, then all you need is the stomach for this film, and then I highly recommend it!