Review: Banshee Chapter 2013

I really enjoyed this movie, “Banshee Chapter” and was pleasantly surprised to see that others agree with me this time! This film is intense and creepy and highly effective; the plot is interesting, the characters are likeable, and I think many would even find it scary, which I know is a big “must” for a lot of (*ahem*..too many) people.
“Banshee Chapter” begins with a young man taking a drug that the government allegedly had been using on people in secret experiments. After he goes missing, his friend, Anne find evidence of his test of the drug and begins investigating further into the mysterious drug/experiments. As she delves deeper into this apparent conspiracy, she starts to wish she had just left everything buried, but it may already be too late..
I found this film very interesting, I’d say it grabs your attention from the very start and pretty much keeps tight hold of it until the end credits! It’s super creepy and very well done and I think I feel safe recommending this to pretty much anyone and everyone!